10 Best Street Food Eats in Hanoi, Vietnam



When it comes to Hanoi, there is one thing you must do: you must eat.

Come hungry and be hungry often, because this capitol of Vietnam is simply the best in street food eating, possibly throughout all of SE Asia. Hanoi is known for their street food variety and flavors, and for good reason. My favorite days in Hanoi were spent between long walks and cafes, and always tastes of these dishes in between. For the price you won't believe what you just experienced. 
Don't leave this charming town without trying these 10 street-side delicacies.


1. CHA Ca

Not quite street food, but rather a dish so good there's a whole street named after it. Fried fish predominately flavored with dill and turmeric, peanuts, soaked vermicelli..and fermented fish guts at your own risk. Find Cha Ca street and wander into the most packed place. The rest is history.



AKA Morning Pho. A Hanoi breakfast classic, it's pho spicy style. Crab stock, tomato, herbs, fried shallots, shrimp paste, chili. Keep an eye out for the fetus egg and make sure to hit the streets early for this specialty, so worth the early rise.



3. Pho 10 - 10 ly quoc su

My favorite pho in Hanoi. Actually, my favorite pho ever. There's nothing like waking up to a steaming bowl of this, and there is just something special about Pho 10 in the Old Quarter. This could happily be my first and last meal.



4. chao ga - Rice congee

This glutinous rice porridge is often served early in the morning, late at night or after school. Hop in line with the school kids if you see it, or sit down on a plastic stool late at night. Make sure to get the fried dough sticks on top. 


5. Kebabs

There's a Kebab corner in the Old Quarter with this spread. Pick what you want and grill it yourself. The twice-stuffed crab and salmon are extra special.



6.Bahn mi

Sandwich of crispy fried scrambled egg, cured meat, herbs and other specialties on a parisian-style loaf. My favorite Bahn Mi in Hanoi is down a little ally in the Old Quarter, usually selling at the same time as and place as Chao Ga. It is so much more than your typical sub.

7. Banh cuon - 14p hANG GA

Gossamer-light steamed rice crepe that hails from North Vietnam. Filled with minced pork, grilled mushrooms and ground shrimp. The texture is unreal. Catch it diagonal from Cong Caphe for a perfect post-coffee snack.

8. Bun cha - 67P Duong Thanh

In Hanoi, there's always a chance of Bun Cha. Likely the town's signature street food dish, come lunchtime people flock towards these pork patties served in a sweet n' salty broth with shredded green papaya. Comes with the usual rice noodles, herbage, chili. My favorite is in the Old Quarter across from St. Joseph's Cathedral.



9. bun bo nam bo (dry noodles with beef) - 67      hang dieu

A zesty Southern Vietnamese dish of vermicelli noodles mixed with bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, meat, wood eared mushrooms and fish sauce (nahm jim) poured on bottom. Loads of herbs.  



10. bia hoi ha noi

No street food eating is complete in Hanoi without a corner pitstop for Bia Hoi Ha Noi, this Hanoi institution. Bia Hoi is always made fresh the night before, and drank in plastic cups on plastic stools on sidewalks. Always cold, always refreshing, always a good time. For 5,000 dong ($.25) you can't ask for more. 

What have you tried and loved on the streets of Hanoi?