Seattle Spring

Spring -- dare I say it? It's been entirely too long since I've tended to this block, I'm sorry and I blame it on the blooms. The seasons are certainly peculiar right now. The East Coast in buried in snow, meanwhile we are turning the corners of seasons in rapid speed here on the West side. I don't know what the deal is with this, but I do know these blossoms are near-impossible to go unnoticed. This pepto-pink time of year has the most usually mundane streets lined with a new pink fringe, and windowsills adorned by old milk jars stemming with color I haven't seen in months. I suppose with the change of seasons comes an inching away from the dark neutrals of the winter, as spring seeps into my mind more with each sun-break. Which is strange, because I feel like I barely had to brace myself for winter. Seattle, you are on the fast-track to California. And while the mountains are crying, standing there in bare solitude, I can't say I mind this early-intro to spring. Many proudly claim to be unbothered by the lack on sun around here. Sure, it lends itself to productivity. But I know my blood and it's inability to provide heat down to my dear phalanges.
It needs sunshine. 

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