Photo Diary: The Kingdom Of Cambodia

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The Kingdom of Cambodia. A stillness takes over once the feet cross the country line. Placed back in time, made of slow quiet mornings along billowy boardwalks. Fruit shakes and noodle shacks, bungalows and mosquito nets. Turquoise waters and tangerine sunsets pull you into the liquid silk surrounds. Khmer backyard whiskey, a silent temptress welcoming sleepless nights reaping her effects. Wooden boats and expats and roamers from far off places. Jungle treks to deserted beaches, white sand slipping through fingers like an hourglass. Time doesn't move. Time has no meaning. Life exists in stillness. Dusty roads kick on like the days. Happy pizzas and afternoon Angkor's, Amok keeps the body fueled. Bars that spill into the street, dance parties aren't synonymous with closing hours. Fire twirling and BBQs and coconut-scented skin. Happiness on peoples faces that doesn't match the sadness of their past. 
 A treasure not yet discovered by the masses. One I could get lost in all over again.