A day at Dave

When living in Australia and people asked where I'm from, they would inevitably do one of two things when I responded, "Seattle." They would smile, shrug and mention something about the rain; or smile, shrug and mention something about the music - always about the grunge. They would make one-off comments about Boeing, or "Frasier," or "Sleepless in Seattle," but grunge and rain remain the icons of this city in the world market. Little known is this jewel of the region, an amphitheater that marries mountains and music, with acoustics as natural as the scenery. The Gorge in George, WA. Overlooking the Columbia River, with the Cascade Mountain range casting a hovering shadow in the background. Hosting steamy days and brisk nights, providing the ideal scenery, sound and space to adequately dance yourself free. Where insides are worn on the outside and people engulf in lawn-laid music. A place I had to take my Austin-Ash on her Labor Day visit. The perfect rolling out of summer, the most welcomed introduction to fall. No wonder that Seattle's sounds have been calling this place home for so many years.