Georgetown before sundown


One of those I-don’t-know-if-the-suns-ever-gonna-come-out kind of days during a multiple-peaches a day kind of season. Seattle is perfectly ripe in that the sun shines almost as much as the crops that birth my soul colors - a myriad of yellow to red with every peachy hue in between. Bite into the right plum and get them all. This summer has proved a big “I told you so” to all those rain talkers, months on end where Seattle has effortlessly shined before the days of impeding rain. But with rain comes colors, and boots and spice and the changes of a new season. Almost two years since I’ve been home for an autumn in Seattle. I am bracing myself for the chill almost as much as I’m prematurely reaching for those bundles of knits. For now, its the tried and true of black on black on boyfriend jeans. A combination of my favorite Australian brand with favorite brand of high school jeans. Throw in some trailers down in Georgetown and call it an afternoon.