All You Need: The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist


Roadtrip Playlist

While the nature of traveling brings on a whirlwind of emotions, there are certain ones that just are and should be reserved for the road. There are also certain emotions that the road brings out. These songs are all of that and more. Lots of cruisey driving tunes, heartfelt melodies and quarter-life anthems that just perfectly depict this time in life. Roll the windows down, turn the music up and remember it is always onwards.

1. You Gotta Be Des'Ree 
Any song that preaches "you gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser" is worthy of much ear play, especially when embarking on a spirit run. This song was such a huge part of this period in time, Carly actually wrote the lyrics down in our notebook.. "Herald what your mother said, read the books your father read, try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time.."

2. Go Your Own WayFleetwood Mac 
When we bought Roxanne from the coolest Brit Lech, The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac album was in her CD player, and a Rolling Stone air freshener hung from the rearview. Not a day went by without listening to at least some of Stevie & gang, because they just do things to the soul.

3. Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show 
This was the only song I attempted to learn on the Ukulele during my time in Roxanne. One rainy day at Cosy Corner in Byron Bay, I strung these cords for hours. It embodies that feeling of being on the road and on your own so beautifully. Listening to it now re-evokes that feeling...maybe one day I'll play the tune. 

4. Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey
Because every road trip needs a good bubblegum song. But this is Lana, so it's not-so-bubblegum but so much more. She had me at, "baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses cause we gonna take a ride." 

5. Coastin' - Zion I ft. K.Flay
Such a college favorite, this song has followed me on many road trips and I still get just as excited when that opening rolls in. K flay kills it on this track.

6. Use Me - Bill Withers 
Bill Withers kept popping up all over Melbourne and then the rest of Australia; at cafes, in parks, at home. This one is just too good to ever do way with. Guaranteed to make all listening ears happy.

7. My Happiness - Powderfinger 
When I went on a road trip to the Great Ocean Road, my friend JB burned me two mixes of quintessentially Australian music, one of which consisted entirely of Powderfinger. Such good cruising music, so many memories of driving through winding two-lane roads to this song. 

8. Water & Wine - John Lillis  
This song stems from a going away mix from our friend Lillis. He played this song at an open mic at The Vineyard on our last night in Melbourne, dedicating it to us, saying "they don't know where they're going, but they're going up." Up we went, his music a constant backdrop. He is Gerald Butler meets Eddie Vedder meets classic Irish lad, and one day he'll be selling out shows in Vedder's hometown. I remember being a stones throw away from Byron Bay listening to this song as we approached the misty shire. A full moon ahead, setting sun to the left. The memory still gives me tingles. 

9. Valerie - Amy Winehouse
This is a road trip song as much it is a wanderlust song as much it is an anthem for life. Whenever this song comes on, I hope you stop whatever your doing and turn it up. And I hope you have someone who loves this song just as much as you to sing it with you. Long live Amy <3

10. Fell In Love with a Boy - Joss Stone
I first saw Joss Stone perform this song at Bumbershoot in Seattle, barefoot on a persian rug and beautiful as ever. Kind of funny this is a song symbolic of one of the most single times in life. Really, its a great one, boy or no boy. 

11. Video - India Arie
This "dance-in-your-best-friends-college-living-room" tune is still one all-time top five. The perfect tune for the road - toes out the window, hair blowing. You feeling oh so natural. Easy breezy beats.

12. Brother - Matt Corby
No travels in Australia, I repeat, NONE, are complete without the sole howl of Matt Corby. Boy can he howl. I think I sang this along on the road, thinking if I listened to it enough he'd show up at some rest stop in Byron. Didn't happen. 

13. This is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey
Just cause there's nothing like being on the road with your girl listening to this song. Long live Spice Girls & Long live Lana. GIRL POWER. 

14. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
This song is just too good. If it doesn't makes you want to boogie I don't know what will. Acoustic version is my fav.

15. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Because like Fleetwood Mac, no road trip is complete without the Chili Peppers. This one is such a classic. 

16. Have a Heart - Bonnie Raitt
I think if we love this song - we've got our mothers to blame. Which is alright, because Bonnie is one hell of a woman. Much like our mothers. 

17. Hold On - Alabama Shakes 
No list is complete without Alabama. Because so many mornings were spent drinking bowls full of coffee to this song at a beach somewhere in Byron. It embodies it all: the longing, the love, the belief in the journey..Thank god for Brittany Howard.