Like It's Friday Night

this is the part where the tide changes. life happens in transitions. conversations grow long like the night. fresh freckles bring calls to the ocean. a new pace, more space. but a different rhythm doesn't mean slowing down. the beat changes. music appears on rooftops and dances with stars you forgot existed above the urban veil. everything you love is there once you look for it. on the brink of something. like it's friday night, and you walked in just in time for the dance party. 

the collective conscious is changing. call it the age of aquarius, a new era, a universal shift. we're evolving, as humans do, and when we evolve together remnants from our past appear, clinging onto old ways to mask the fear of moving forward--the losing of power. the hatred we see surrounding us can be traced back to fear, ego, power. complex issues rooted in the most basic human conditions. so it's time to get picky about every area of our life. we vote for our now & our future every day, with our dollars, our words, where we spend our time, how and with who. without awareness there is no progress. & awareness is uncomfortable, when we've been comfortable for so long. are we talking about these issues like we talk about the weather? privilege, prejudice, how we are each doing our part to move forward? are we holding each other accountable? are we honoring our values & words when no one is watching? our we doing everything in our power to look out for ourselves? our earth? our fellow humans? it's time to get really interested in all the ways we can do better--because we are in a monumental season of change—and the only way we evolve as "one" starts with "i."