episode 002: janne robinson


Self-confidence, femininity & following your life’s work

Janne Robinson is a person I felt could understand the stories of my years through on glance in the eye. A poet, author and owner of the apparel line, “This is for the Women,” she’s as soft as she is fierce. Her mission is to help women walk tall through life like a cypress tree, connecting to their strength and wisdom from within.

She’s an advocate of independence and countering the status quo in order to live a life more true. In this episode of Ruby Ray, we share an open-hearted conversation about art, boundaries and the feminine. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to cultivate self-confidence

  • Setting boundaries with work & social media

  • What it means to be an empowered woman

  • The rise of the feminine

  • Coming into alignment with your life purpose

  • Investing in yourself with personal development