don't say oh well

Yeah I step out of
my little country
traveled seasons
took a long boat
and now i find myself
in a small town
its so remote I couldn’t trough

So I kiss my Mommy
oh on her sweet cheeks
and I told my Dad I’m real glad that we’re friends
said to my brother, I’ll surely miss him
I’m coming back just don’t know when

So do you have that, that sweet devotion?
Oh will you follow your hearts plan
Well why not jump in
into that ocean, and run your fingers through your hair


The last goodbyes —  brother, words of teary-eyed wisdom from my Dad at the terminal gate. Realizing he suddenly got way wiser or I just started listening longer. Last hug with Mom — wishing I could clench her forever, and hoping for understanding, knowing either way I have to do this. High, breathless emotion. Blind faith smeared with relentless love. Following not a plan, just the gut feelings, sunshine, and calling for change pulling me in one direction.

It's this willingness to chase something we can't see or touch that's so scary. But it's also were all the love and excitement and joy lies. It seems risky, but at the same time it seems themost true. I hope you don't take this inclination lightly. Don't overlook it, pass it aside for later or save it for next year. If those gut feelings are pulling you to do something, to say something, to go -- I hope you don't take them lightly. There is great power in saying yes, and even greater freedom in going.