PERSONAL Travel planning SESSION

Sometimes you just need someone in your corner. You can drown yourself in guidebooks, forums, and travel advisor recommendations, but you're not one step close to the end goal—finally overcoming the fear and actually going. 

And if you're going to really DO this—and listen to the heart strings pulling you to go, to make the leap—you want to do it your way. Because, unlike Brandy Melville, you are NOT one size fits all. You've got dreams, and interests, and aspirations, completely unique to you. And you're ready to unlock them. You take this thing called self-discovery seriously, but want to take it easy on your peace of mind. 

But I get it. You're busy. You need to schedule time just to remember to have time. And you need someone guiding you to not just do it, but to be good to yourself while you're at it. To let the fear roll out and freedom roll in. 

So let's plan this baby together. I'm not one for bucket list trips, and this is not that. Days before I took off to Barcelona, my friend Jamie and I were up late, sitting on the balcony between our apartments. She said, "Jac, this is your spirit run." And that's exactly what this is, your spirit run. Like me that night, you may be feeling nervous, like it's hard to find yourself, unsure what you're really chasing after. You may be feeling lonely without being alone. Like there's something missing, but you don't know what. 

Know this: it doesn't have to be like that. You do not need to feel isolated, or embarrassed, or alone in these things.  

Because while your boss may not support it, your friends may not understand, and your parents think you're crazy, this is the truth: spirit runs are the things you remember for the rest of your life.

Spirit runs are the seeds of businesses (like this one), the roots of relationships, the opening for love—with the world, with yourself.

Now is your time. If you feel it, don't fight it. I have tried, and it doesn't go away. And if you're serious about doing this, then I want to take this seriously with you. Because when you're young, freedom and adventure is a serious thing. 

I'll walk you through the process I've used, tweaked, iterated and learned from, between finding my dream apartment, "The Cabin in the Sky," in Melbourne, to buying, driving, and living out of the ultimate dreamboat van, Roxanne, to cruising slow through SE Asia for four months, and moving across the country, from Seattle to New York.

Through these experiences, I've learned one thing for sure:
Traveling is a vehicle to become more of the person you already are. 


You just need to get to where you're going, and the rest with unfold. So let's get you on your way. Your spirit run is calling. 

By the end, you'll be on the fast track to freedom. You'll save the 10 plus hours a week planning and researching, so you can do things you really need (like taking that yoga class) you'll save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars knowing everything you do—and don't—really need. Have the tools and exercises to overcome fears and roadblocks—pun intended. And wellness resources rooted in Strala yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation to keep you calm, centered, and strong throughout the process. 

You'll take off with a complete roadmap to going rogue: Your location (based on YOU), your route and timeframe, all logistical travel questions answered, and an actionable flight plan for before, during and after your leap. 

Plus I will be there, every step of the way. As your cheerleader (orrr kitchen dance partner), your champion, your person reminding you you can do this, and giving you the tools to make it happen. And I'll still be there, when you get to the other side, seeing the light in your eyes & glow on your face. 

Here's how it works:

  • FIRST SESSION // PERSONAL DEEP DIVE // You tell me everything about yourself—your health, career, goals, hobbies, interests—as much or as little as you want. We discuss your habits and intentions, what you're working to achieve, and get to the root of roadblocks and barriers getting in the way. We'll deep dive into you, right now, and then use these specifics to determine the best place for YOU, given your specific situation and what you're hoping to achieve.
  • SECOND SESSION //  LOGISTICS // Taking everything from the first call, we decide on a personalized location, and cover all logistics. This includes everything from safety and visas to work options, visas, budget and where to stay. After the session you'll receive a pre-departure checklist and flight plan.
  • THIRD SESSION // EFFICIENCY + PREPARATION // A major part of traveling is efficiency. This is the thing that can make or break a lot of trips. This session is all about packing, what's needed and what's definitely not. How to be minimal but still have all your needs met. We'll also discuss mental and physical preparation, and exercises to keep you centered and calm through this exciting and personal process. 
  • FOURTH SESSION // ROADBLOCKS // We'll continue working through the pre-departure checklist, and discuss roadblocks and fears throughout this process. You'll get tools for leaving, and exercises to keep you unblocked and mentally prepared in this stage.
  • AFTER // We'll have check-in days, before, during and after your arrival. Whatever questions/concerns/hesitations that come up in the process, I'll be there. 
  • COST // $499 for 1 month of planning assistance + support

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