Bloody Wish For It


"Whatever it is you want in
 just bloody wish for it." 

We were parked in Roxanne under a willow tree in Suffolk Park. Doing our usual nighttime route: candle lit, notebook out, chattering amongst words strung together about the day and whatever revelation it held.

Each day was a discovery unto itself, and we were rapidly seeing our philosophies and ideas about life change with each new sunrise. Nighttime was always our time to decompress these new findings. Whether it was an explosion of conversation in our St. Kilda kitchen, once we each returned home from our night shift, or in Roxanne in Byron. Each place was filled with new characters, new stories, new ideas which challenged everything we once thought about life.

Our worldview was changing and we needed a $4 bottle of Aldi’s wine to hash it out.

We were talking about Rob at that point. He kept on showing up everywhere throughout our days -- it seemed as if every beach we pulled into, he was there. Carly was questioning if this veered on the side of creepy, his uncanniness to seemingly detect where we were. I said he, too lives in his car, no naturally his day is structured similarly to ours.

Just as I said that headlights pull into the Suffolk Park parking lot. Besides a couple other cars in different corners, there was no one else there at this time of night. We look up at each other, sure of who it’s about to be.

Rob walks up to the car, and we each slide Roxanne’s window back. She was in working mode right now, and we were sitting on either side of her table, amongst the brown and orange tweed cushions. Rob looked especially Dumbledorian that night. His skin. you could tell was freshly oiled, giving it a sheen of youth unbenounced to most men his age. It picked up and twinkled in the candlelight.

We got to talking about Byron, and about its energies. Our friend Rob Spanks had told us about the energy and collective consciousness of this land, and regardless of what you believe, this fact was impossible to deny. Most of the woman here seemed to be pregnant, glowing goddesses, while the men were bearded and tan, with strong surfer shoulders and a golden shag most would take years to perfect.

They had a kind of gentleness you’re not used to seeing, especially out of people with such caliber of looks. Carly and I were fresh out of Washington State University, where Fraternities were the reigning class system and treating girls second rate was mearly a societal misgiving. Seeing men and women here with a connectedness to the ocean, and beauty that oozed through them wasn’t something that we failed to notice.

Rob pitches in at this thought. “Byron Bay is the most Easterly point in Australia,” he says. “So all the energy, everything that’s collected across the Pacific, Byron is literally the first place where everything hits land. It’s an energy hub, which is why theres so much here.”

I notice this belief in everyone, that whatever it is you want, you have to put it out into the universe, and if you want it bad enough it will come back around. Manifest.

Rob tells us he just found this beautiful leather biker jacket at the thrift shop today, just like he was looking for. With the details, the thick leather, the real quality. “Whatever it is you want in life. You just have to bloody wish for it. If you want it bad enough, it will come back to you.”


July 05, 2015