Travel is a vehicle to become more of the person you already are


It came to me in a dream. The essence of what traveling is about. It has little to do with the place itself. And everything to do with what the person becomes along the way. 

In the lucid, somewhere between dream-and-reality state, the voice came to me:

Traveling is a vehicle to become more of the person you already are. 

But we can forget who this person is, masked under societal conditions and expectations about the who we should be. 

The outer voices get louder, making it murkier and more nuanced to listen, trust, and hear the narrative of the inner one. 

Once the leap into a new physical place happens, the layers shed with zero effort. The act of movement in itself, from one place to another pulls to gunk up and out. What was hiding is now staring you in the eye and asking you what you’re going to do with this. 

And this time, you’re out from hiding, forced to face the truth of yourself and adapt—to this new place and person.

The person you already are is in there. 

It’s meeting you in different moments of the day. She comes through friends, songs, whispers and music. It’s your most natural, easy, effortless expression of self. Probably so easy, you overlook it. 

Like the message that rolled into my mind that morning, there is always a pathway carving the road home to the self. Sometimes it comes through a conversation or book. Other times it comes through doing the thing you’re most afraid to do: leaving your old world behind, and creating a new one, entirely based on you.

It takes courage to express ourselves to the full, when we’ve been taught to shrink and get small. But daring to be the person we really involves daring risk and sacrifice. It’s not the easy road or the short-cut. It’s the scenic route. The only one worth taking.

We’re all heading towards the same place. As Mary Oliver said, how will you live your one wild and precious life?

When the routines and hours spent in the institution detaches us from our most natural sense of self, one  begins, at some point, the road home. The journey back to the self, and discovering what that really means. 

Traveling—with intention, and used as a vehicle for wellbeing—is a road home to the self. It’s an opportunity to spark rapid transformation, self-confidence and empathy. It asks that you do nothing in return, beyond saying “yes”, meeting whatever you come upon with wide eyes, kindness, and an open mind. 

We heal this world when we heal ourselves. But sometimes, in the process of healing ourselves, the world is the greatest doctor ever known. By being in her, experiencing her and sitting at the table of life, you drink the lessons from the greatest healers of all: mother nature & everyday people.

With zero expectations, taking the leap could be the road back to the person you’ve been looking for all along.