an all-natural dry shampoo recipe to try (because of this lawsuit)

100 percent natural, travel-friendly homemade dry shampoo.

100 percent natural, travel-friendly homemade dry shampoo.

Okay, dry shampoo. I’m going there. In the last year I’ve laid off the shampoo and conditioning to about once a week. And to be honest, sometimes less (sometimes a lot less) especially if I’m spending more time in the ocean. Then I just let salt water do it’s thing.

Once I started reading about how we really don’t need to wash our hair all the time, and doing so actually strips our hair of the natural oils it needs to grow and be healthy, I started experimenting with how much I wash it, and how my hair changed as a result. Counter-intuitively, washing your hair too much leads to oily, flat hair. And who wants that.

Since laying off the ‘poo my hair does it’s own thing way more. I don’t feel compelled to micro-manage it—which I think is a symptom of it being overly washed—meaning overly oily.

So, do what you wish with your hair, but if you’re thinking about getting on the bandwagon (which will save you so much time, and product money, also) you’re going to need dry shampoo.

I’m super skeptical of just about every dry shampoo on the market. I don’t like to idea of spraying aerosol directly onto my head, which is the protector of my brain, knowing that 60 percent of chemicals seep into our skin.

The healthy alternatives on the market don’t do much for me. And I need dry shampoo to do a lot for me, for obvious reasons.

So, until I find a dry shampoo that wow's me AND scores a in the green zone on Think Dirty, I’m making my own.

And in case you’re still using baby powder as dry shampoo (which, I know, works really good) please just throw it away because The New York Times recently reported Johnson & Johnson just had to pay up $4.7 billion in a lawsuit linking baby powder to carcinogens. The same baby powder, which many of us, for years, were dusting right over our brain.

Luckily, this dry shampoo you can make from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. They’re all 100 percent natural, made with only real food, meaning no additives, chemicals, or things you can’t trust to any of the ingredients. Got you.

I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoo’s—bought and homemade, and this is the best combination I’ve used so far.

all-natural Dry Shampoo Recipe


Cacao (or cocoa) powder
Baking soda
Non-GMO cornstarch
Essential oils (lavender, geranium, sandalwood are great)


Combine one part cornstarch and baking soda to two parts cacao and cinnamon into a mini-mason jar. (I add cinnamon because I have red hair and like the smell. If you have brown hair, you can stick with cacao/cocoa only. And if you have blonde hair, you’re probably good with just using the baking soda/cornstarch concoction.)

2. Add 5-10 drops essential oil. Use your fingers to break up to the oil and combine with the powder. Add the lid and give it a good shake.

3. Using an old makeup brush, dust the dry shampoo and inch away from your roots, layer by layer from your part line to the base of your head, both sides. Toss your head upside down and give it a good shake with your fingers running through hair to distribute.

Meet your new best friend. The mason jar is perfect to throw in your bag and go, I’ve never had a problem with spills or leakage. Plus, it’s cute.