September Moodboard


i was the kid who spent a good ten minutes (probably more if we’re being honest) in the notebook section of target when it came time for back-to-school. of course we were one of the last ones to go shopping, so all the good ones were picked over and i was left with the horses and lisa frank. why were there so many horses always? why did lisa frank never run out? why did i have such a thing against horses? these are the eternal questions.

but lisa frank + bonne bell, cross my heart & hope to die i love you forever. there was nothing that made my little fifth grade heart smile like a bonne belle lip smackers and a green sparkle tube sitting front row in my cubby desk. you know, with the built-in shelf? miss those.

september is that time of year when everything slows down, just as it speeds up. you know? the first rainy day comes, with sun breaks in-between. the peaches and squashes and nectarines and apples harvest, just as the berries are dying. the cycle continues. the summer chills, the projects finish. a different rhythm, adjusting to life at it’s pace.

you pour out extra gratitude for the last of the afternoon sun. make extra time for it, this time, not being too busy to look up and feel the sun on your skin. i’m into this september thing. i’m into feeling autumn on my bones.

when i was making this mood board i was thinking about what september means to me? first of all, i really like most people born in september. my cousin, my best friend, my best guy friend (not to be confused with boyfriend—when guy friends were a thing aka my whole life until 24—but that’s a whole other topic.)

beyond september breeding good humans, it breeds good food. autumn. i don’t know why i love this word so much. it’s under-utilized, in my opinion, and way better than “fall.” so i’m embracing it. i hope you are too. what does september mean to you? if you had to answer someone who asks such questions? holler at me in the comments and tell me what you’re most excited about this month.

big love, leaving you with this song to jam to below.


song of the month

Lianne La Havas, green & gold

i remember the first time i heard this song and my whole world stopped. for a moment. which i guess is what good music does to you. i hope it does the same to you. do what you need to do: have a twirl, a la croix, a dance break if you need to. i see you.