The Rogue Life: How Do You Actually Make it Work?


You know it’s important—self-discovery, getting outside your comfort zone, getting cultured, and coming into yourself as an individual. You know you’re ready to figure out who you really are, not what society is telling you to be. Yet every time you see someone traveling all the time you may never hear about the struggle, the behind-the-scenes—quitting the job, leaving the relationship, having no money. These stories often go untold, so how do you deal with those situations, too?

No matter where anyone is on their journey, if they’re living a rogue lifestyle, they’ve made definitive choices, and stuck with them. Here’s how you can actually make it work.


Rule number one to living the rogue life. The definition of rogue itself is a wild animal, splitting away from the pack to forge their own. This is exactly what you are doing. It’s not the popular decision, or the mainstream route, which means you’ve got to go with conviction, because let it be known you will get side-eye, awkward responses and blank stares when voicing your plans.

But know this response is not you. This is merely a reflection of the persons’ fear of the unknown that’s being projected onto you. Most people are terrified by their own freedom. Especially the idea of using it. Thankfully, we all have the free will to do what we want in this life, and everyone is free to live theirs however they desire.

BUT don’t take this reaction as your own. Smile, stand tall, be gracious and take no shit. This is a time when knowing, listening, and responding to your own internal compass is important as ever. Only you know your true North. And your only job is to follow it. Give love back, and stand proud in your weird ways. You doing so will give others permission to do the same.


What you are is an independent traveler, a citizen on the world. Do not limit yourself by putting a box or stereotype around what you are—a backpacker, couch surfer, digital nomad, etc. You are YOU. A unique combination of everything. A woman one in yourself. And you traveling does not mean you need to be broke, sleeping on a couch, or eating free peanuts from the bar.

This means you’ve got to be smarter than the system. This means you’ve got to step outside the matrix, and embrace the golden, ripe opportunity that is the internet (or a job overseas, or solid savings.) So you can live on your own terms. Working online allows you to put your talent, skills, and that special thing you do to good use. So your voice can be heard. So you can be free, and also successful.

Who said you can’t have both?


I don’t believe in return tickets. Of course, there are times when a return ticket is necessary, but as a general life philosophy I don’t believe in them.

They set high expectations, limit spontaneous plans and can cause hundred of dollars lost in flight changes (which will most likely happen.) If you’re really going to do this thing—you know, go rogue—then your best option is to dive-deep, head-first, into the magical, beautiful arms of the world and the universe. And be prepared to be awed.

In order to receive this experience in full, you’ve first got to trust in it. A one-way ticket is a crucial step.


If you’re looking for permission to go, you will never find it. Don’t wait for permission from your mother, your brother, or your boyfriend. You must give this permission to yourself. You must exercise this right. And it must come from the deepest, purest place in you—your heart. Because if you don’t really want it, it will never happen.

So don’t do it out of ego—out of needing to prove anything to anyone, or to look cool, or the Instagram photos. Doing so will shut out the opportunity for something way more magical, which is coming into alignment with your authentic self.

If you don’t want it from the heart, it will never happen. Or it will, but it will be a massive disappointment, done for all the wrong reasons. You’ve got to feel it on your own. And you’ve got to give yourself permission to roam. Permission to go.

There is no right time. There is no right season, star alignment or moon cycle. And there is no such thing as permission. The choice is yours.

These are the mental barriers every rogue one must go through. As you can see, 90 percent is in the mind. Once you stop caring what people think/living your life for someone else, figure out a way to beat the system and make bank, book that one-way ticket, and give yourself full, heart-centered permission to go, then you’re practically rogue. Next, it’s just a matter of logistics. This is the easy part.