The Power of Place

In the streets in Bangkok, Thailand

In the streets in Bangkok, Thailand


We’re always going through a season of our life, even if we don’t realize it. When we move with the rhythm of the seasons, each beat tunes to a different cord, requiring a different pace. Every person, like every season, thrives in different elements for given periods of time.

If you're feeling like everything is so wrong and don't know what—maybe you're just not in the right place, for you, right now.

For some, thriving is the sun beating on the skin, fueling the inside from the outside. For others, it’s in the water, the adrenaline of rising and crashing with the waves. Or being in the mountains, feeling the rush of alpine air against the cheek. Maybe it’s in villages, where the people and produce are.

Sometimes we can be so quick to think there’s something wrong with us, when in reality we just aren’t in the right place. 

Often we take where we live for granted. We get comfortable, or overlook our relationship with it, without questioning if it's supporting us and the person we're becoming.

The thing about changing a place, is everything else in your life inherently changes too. It’s like a fast lane to getting out of bad habits, routines and systems and into living the life you really want to live.

Even if you’re thinking “I don’t know how I want to feel”—it’s a universal desire to want to feel free, present and alive. To embody our days, living full in expression, being true to our nature.

Sometimes you have to steal your heart back, ignore the messages and trust yourself—but be real with yourself too. Are you being supported by your place? Are you in flow with it—giving but also receiving? Do you adore this place? Do you catch yourself smiling, giddy on the inside on an afternoon walk, just because?

Not that every day should be like this. But some moments. Some days. We all deserve to be in love with the place we live. And if you're not, know that it's out there. 

This is the Power of Place:

When we change our place, so much else in our life shifts in our favor. We all have the opportunity and the privilege to live where we choose, and to choose with intention. Because if you aren’t happy where you are, there is a place in this world for you. A place where you will feel supported and free to be you. 

The destination is always changing, because you are always changing.

We become the places we live. The work is in the process—the leaving, the opening, the unraveling. Things are happening before you see it. That’s why, sometimes, when you arrive in a new place, you feel yourself open. You’ve been digging deep, cleaning closets and old wounds. Then you arrive, and maybe for the first time, become open to receiving.

And when you are open to receiving, your truth rises to the surface. 

Are you in love with the place you live? Change your place, change your life.