Video: GOLD

GOLD / / / Pacific Northwest girls move to Melbourne and make a video to get tickets to a sold out Macklemore show. . .but really end up documenting the best summer of their lives instead.

I know it's January and it's after the holidays and you're probably sick, or getting over being sick, or hoping you don't get sick . . . and maybe struggling to find the lightness and brightness in life. And after spending all weekend drowning in Throat Coat tea and Greta Gerwig movies, I can honestly say I'm right here with you. 

And while I cannot make a Greta Gerwig movie (looking at you Lady Bird & Frances Ha) I did make my own lo-fi version during a summer in Melbourne. It makes me smile every time I watch it, mainly because it is absolutely ridiculous. I somehow convinced my (amazing) friends to do this with me. So here's a tribute to the days when Ashley's hair was mermaid blue, and we put on pleather and faux fur to tromp around Fitzroy and shoot in 99 degree heat. 

Here's the backstory:
This was the summer Macklemore and Ryan Lewis BLEW UP. I mean, blew up globally, not just in Seattle. (It was fall in the states, summer in Australia.) During my summers back from college I'de drive past the Seattle skyline on my way to work listening to "The Language of My World" every day (I get into artists in dedicated phases at a time) having those driving moments about growing up and Seattle and life. And I know Seattle is bad for a lot of things (ie tech bros and rain) but one thing it is good for is driving. It is, a driving city. So if you ever plan to visit make sure to rent a car, put on some old school Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and cruise the coastline. 

Anyways, what I was meaning to say is this: It was the summer Mack & Ryan Lewis got big. Fast. They were coming to Australia, and their show was sold out. And I was like "Carly, we have to find a way to get to this show. I've been listening to them before anyone in Australia knew who they were, and now they're going to be here, we've got to go." We were listening to their new album "The Heist" in our apartment, the Cabin in the Sky constantly (swear, we did not create that name), so I thought if I just made a video to his song "Gold"—which we played. . . on repeat—and wrote a letter we'de get in, easy. (This is what optimism looks like.)

So we made the video. The day of the concert came. I got the venue early (hadn't found tickets yet.) Ash joined me, Car had to go to work but came after. Ash and I snuck in through the back alley then got in, freaked out and went back. Then we met Macklemore + crew hanging out near said alley, and I kind of told him + his wife about our attempt to get in, which I think totally blew my chances of getting in. So we just took a picture and they went to get dinner before the show.

Then I saw Wanz, the guy who sang in the song Thrift Shop, in this alley too (I guess we were there awhile), and I was like, "Hey Wanz! Check out my video!" and he turned around like, who is this girl? and I was like, "Wanz. . .it's cool, I'm from Seattle." Then he really thought I was crazy. So (in a very Seattle kind of way), he was like, "What's your area code?" And I was like, "206, but really I grew up in the 253" (emphasis on the 2-5-3. . .or deuce nickle tre as we called it.) And Wanz was like "No way! I grew up in the 2-5-3 too! What high school did you go to!" And I said Decatur and he said Stadium and finally he was convinced I was telling the truth and watched my video. 

He never showed it to Mack, but we did get scalped tickets into the show. Carly met us once she got off, and we all danced and sang as confetti dropped from the ceiling as they played Irish Celebration, which is really all I wanted anyways. Dancing, music, and friends. It was one of the highlights of my summer, definitely worth the video and all the love that went into it. This video documents the little moments on days off and in-between, at the beach, on the tram, hanging with friends new and old, from Seattle to Melbourne. 

If you're still reading this, thank you for listening to the long version of this story. All I really wanted to say was this is for you. You are gold. I hope it makes you smirk, or dance, or smile. I know January is tough. But you are tougher. I love you.