How Wild Rogue Got Its Start



I'de say it's a combination of three things: a desire, a feeling, and a need


The need: When I was out of college, interning and daydreaming about where I would go next (I already had the feeling it was Australia, but hadn't really told anyone yet) I struggled to find any blogs or websites that spoke to the experience. Everything was covering the same stuff: flat lays of outfits and what-to-eat-where posts. But I wanted more substance. I wanted to hear about their fears, their friends, the things that happened to them along the way, told in a way that was both visually beautiful and inviting.

The feeling: One I had leapt, and was "out there" for over a year, I couldn't find words to describe the way I felt. This feeling came after awhile on the road. When I was detached and away from it all—from home, family, friends—detached from all the things that once defined me, yet so close to center. The external journey brought me inward. I think this feeling is hard to describe, which is why traveling gets reduced down to tacky feeling descriptors and experiences. I wanted to get to the root of this, because I knew it was transformative. I wanted to give the experience of travel justice. To share the spirit of the journey. 

It's like for the first time, I had found my home—and it wasn't from any external places or relationships. This one home is in myself. But it took awhile, and a lot of journeying to get there. 

The need: When I was overseas, almost weekly I got messages about how to do what I was doing. I was working and paying my way through these massively transformative experiences, yet people thought it was a. too expensive for them to do themselves, or b. impossible. When I started interviewing and talking to people on the brink of going, I saw everyone coming back to the same place: beyond the logistics, the underlying fear of traveling, social stigma of travel and concern with other peoples opinion is what keeps most people from never booking the trip. And life is just too short for that. Especially life in your 20's. These conversations helped me develop different tools to help achieve the ultimate goal: plane ticket in hand, experience ahead. And not just a run and gun experience, but the one that shapes you for a lifetime. 

So what's the recipe for this? How do we use traveling as a vehicle to become more of the person we already are? How do we dig deep into a culture, and into ourselves? How can I support others on their journey, in ways I wish I had, and knew I needed at the time? How can I find the other women out there, asking the same questions, living the same life? 

These questions are the root of Wild Rogue. These questions continue to fuel my own journey. It's the curiosity to go beyond a place, and into myself. To move beyond all borders and barriers to come face to face with my true self, my essence, which I know I can only fully experience when I am truly free. 

I realized traveling isn't just about going to a place to skim over the surface and get away for a week.

Traveling is about self-discovery and re-creating yourself. Because when you get off that plane you can be anyone you want. You may change your name or you hair or your style. You may experiment and amuse, but inevitably, what you come back to is yourself. Your youest you. 

I think life is a continuous process of answering and re-answering the question: who am I? what do I want? how can I serve? For me, traveling brings clarity to this lifelong question. It's a process that connects me to my world, and to myself. And damn. It just. Feels. Good. 

WildRogue was born from a desire to re-create this feeling. Over and over again. 

And it is a rogue mission, built upon & inspired by women showing up in their life with wide-eyed confidence, walking tall in the world, connected to ourselves. 


Women unafraid to express their inner wild, connected to their most true, natural state. 


To celebrate and nourish the community found when we go rouge: the teachers who show up when we divert from the pack and go our own way to create our own path. Our own life. 



It's a space designed to help you get over the fear of just going, give you the tools you need to actually do it, discuss what's actually going on (in our mind and our bodies) when we leap, and connect us to each other. Because the beauty of being a rogue woman, is there are others out there—woman warriors all over this world. Sharing the same unspoken bond over hemispheres and timezones, different languages, words communicated sometimes only through the eyes. 

The thing about travel, is it's timeless. This isn't some new-age thing. People have set out on pilgrimages since the beginning of man to survive, to thrive, to learn about the person they are.

SO. This is not just a travel blog or a tour book, or a "how I quit my job to travel the world site." It's not about sending you on a group tour or someone telling you how to experience something, because I believe there are all ways to experience a place, and it shouldn't be limited to the who-what-where.

Let's answer the tough questions. Let's share our experiences, online and in-person. Let's tell some stories and support each other, wherever we're at in the process. 

I'm putting the focus away from the massive sights and destinations I've visited, and back onto the little things often overlooked: like daily practices, morning rituals, routines that keep us calm and healthy, so you can go deeper into your journey and reignite wonder.

Another cornerstone is the societal stigma of travel, and taking time off. Especially in America. So this space is a judgment free zone, where you have full permission to play. All day if you want to.

It's belief system in built upon blind faith, healthy optimism, a belief in the goodness in humanity, and leaving space for spontaneity. It's about planning less so  you can experience more. Flying further and staying longer.  

Magic happens when you let a place sink under your skin.  The power of place should not be underestimated—it can be a catalyst for change. An avenue to come alive. 

Through traveling you learn more about the person you are here to be. You can find your light, your passions, your love. You have experiences that influence you for the rest of your life. 

So in short, Wild Rogue is a space to experience the spirit of travel to live your truth and become more you. It's dedicated to the woman in flight—daring, changing, transitioning, spreading her wings to fly. And preparing her for takeoff.