Do This First When You Don't Know How To Get Started



I know it’s hard, when you’ve got this vision in your mind of a different way of living. It’s keeping you up at night and hijacking your thoughts and taking up too much mental space. 

Beyond feeling like you can’t really talk to your parents or friends about it, there’s also that doom of “how do I even get started?” The world feels big and the task of getting into it even bigger . . . and you're busy . . . and feel like the time needed to figure it out just doesn't exist. 

AND THEN there's the deep dark world of the travel internet. Where one search leads you into government agency websites and endless forums and everyones opinion on everything. And you feel defeated before you ever started. 

But good news is, everything is easier than we think it is.  We're just really good at getting in our own way. 

Especially when it comes to finally making the decision to book the trip. And not just any trip, but one that will take you long and far into another place. So before you get yourself all stressed out and feeling like you can never pull this off, slow down, and go on a mental journey. Let your intuition guide you. Try this excercise:

Start in a comfortable position: 

On your bed, or in nature, away from noise and distractions. Rest your hands on your thighs, close your eyes and let your attention drift inward, noticing inhales as they come, and exhales as they go. 

Take a big inhale counting to four, hold it for four seconds, exhale for four seconds, and hold for four seconds. Repeat this five times. 

Ask yourself, show me where I should go? 

Give yourself time to see what comes up. Trust whatever arises, your intuition will show you exactly what you need to see. Is it a color, a tree, a temperature, a coastline? Don't worry so much about a specific destination as qualities of the feeling. That will show you what you're needing. Is it culture and flavor, or simplicity and the ocean? 

Soften here for five minutes, continuing to follow your breath, letting thoughts come and go. 

At the end, take note of anything you saw, and answer these questions: 

What did you see? What sensations did you feel, small or big? How did you feel? Be thorough in your answer.

When do you feel most at peace? Most yourself? Is it a certain time of day, doing a certain thing, in a specific place or setting? Answer as detailed as possible. 

When do you feel totally free? 

How often do you feel this way? How do you tap into this feeling?

What's the one thing your life is lacking, that makes you feel most yourself?

What is your true essence? your basic nature? Where do you feel most connected, and experiencing complete trust?

Remember . . .everything starts with a thought. And thoughts start with a feeling. So focus on finding how you want to feel, by letting your subconscious answer these questions for you. Look inward to see what you truly desire. When it comes from an honest place, it will be a lot easier to manifest and make real, vs. doing something that isn't a reflection of you, living out what you're here to do. 

Focus less on what is should look like, disregard what it looks like for anyone else, and get interested in what you desire most. If you don't know right away, that's fine, keep doing this exercise, revisiting these questions, telling a calm mind to show you. Then write about everything you see, even if it seems like nothing. It may mean more to you later. When you get to the root of what you truly want—your true nature—you might be surprised by how fast it can happen.